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The first 10 books are sold separately because they have a higher collectors' value. Numbers 11–100 are sold in two batches. The quicker you are, the lower the price of your Collectors' Edition will be. 

• The first batch (#11 – #75) is sold for 1,600 Euro per book.

• The last batch (#76 – #100) is more expensive, as supply is getting more limited. These are sold for 2,100 Euro per book.


No specific numbers can be guaranteed, apart from #1. The numbers within a range of numbers are sold chronologically. The number of your copy of the book is based on the date and time of the order received. 




• Hardcover book in a luxurious clamshell box, signed by Marsel van Oosten

• The only 100% English version, with 392 pages (including 5 double fold-outs of 3 feet wide)

• Donation of 50 trees to The Canopy Project

• A fine art print of 50 x 75 cm

• Free shipping worldwide

• No additional costs for paying by credit card





We prefer you to select your fine art print at the same time as your book order. But if you want to wait, you can order your fine art print within 6 months of your purchase.  You can choose an image from a selection of 20 images from MOTHER. It is possible to receive a smaller print than the 50 x 75 cm included in your order if you prefer to get a print in a smaller size. If you request a smaller size print, you are not eligable for a refund of the difference in costs. 

Number #11 – #75

€ 1.600,00Price

    The Collectors' Edition is only available through this website.


    Only 100 copies will be sold, each signed and numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


    All copies of The Collectors' Edition are shipped from The Netherlands and will be sent to you by courier. The shipping costs are included in your purchase. 


    Import duties may be charged by your customs department, depending on the country you live in.  We will include a lower invoice for customs, in an effort to lower possible import duties. 

    If we are traveling or are on tour, shipping may take a bit longer.

    The book and the print you select are shipped from two different addresses and will arrive with two different couriers.

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